A New Addition to Mooch’s Kitchen

Black Kitchen Aid Mixer

This Christmas, Mooch was given a present that will benefit everyone! I got a Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer! Thankfully, I didn’t have to wait until Christmas to open it as it helped out the Christmas baking rush. Since starting the company in 2012, all the mixing has been done (tirelessly) by hand. When we said “hand mixed and made with love”, we really mean it! I’ll admit, all that mixing has improved the muscles in my arms! But there’s only so much stirring, creaming, whipping and whisking one little gal can do. This god-send of a kitchen gadget holds 6 quarts and the motor has enough capacity to make 9 pounds of mashed potatoes and mix 14 cups of flour, at once! That’s much more than I could ever imagine mixing. This new addition will allow us to maximize time and take more orders! 

Don’t worry, all our Moochables will still be made and baked with love and hand crafted specially for your event! This Kitchen Aid is the gift that keeps on giving.

A huge thank you to the Chuang family for my new kitchen helper!