Baking Steps: It’s All Coming Up Roses

I was at UBC when I first started up Mooch and was nervous about spreading the word of my little company to people who weren’t just family or friends. I guess I was almost afraid of success. I knew that my friends and family wouldn’t judge me if a cupcake wasn’t perfectly frosted identically to the others in the box! While my Facebook page was starting up and my friends were “liking” it, word spread about Mooch… I got a message one day from a classmate who had seen a friend of theirs like Mooch. She had an order to place for two dozen red velvet cupcakes! Like I said, she was a classmate of mine and even though we hardly spoke in class, I felt reassured that she wouldn’t be an angry customer if the order wasn’t picture perfect like the big name companies. I don’t try to compete with some of the franchising businesses because I know that I’m not capable of doing so- yet. For now, Mooch is my passion and everyday it’s growing. I want to be able to walk before I try and sprint a marathon in this crazy world! Elizabeth’s order was one that I counted down the weeks to do, I couldn’t wait to get started!

She had a special request that the frosting be in the shape of a rose. When I read this I felt my confidence shrink as I had never made anything but a regular swirl on top of my cupcakes! She was ready to pay extra for the little detail too. It helped that she sent me a photo of what she was looking for and to my surprise it wasn’t made using a flower nail, it appeared to be a continuous flow of frosting that resembled a beautiful rose! I still had a week before Elizabeth’s order was due so I promised her that I would do my best and practice it beforehand. I went online and did a little research on this new piping technique that I had to learn and found what I was looking for. I realized that I already had the right tip and all I needed was to figure out how exactly to pipe it! I had an order for a dozen treat in a sweet cupcakes the day before Elizabeth’s order so I tested it out. As I piped the last one, I breathed a sigh of relief- I could make a rose. The next day, I slowly piped each rose onto the cream cheese-filled red velvet cupcakes (twice on a few of them to make them perfect!) and sent a photo of the finished product to her via text message. Elizabeth was amazed that I was able to match the cupcakes to the photo she had sent me earlier; this was exactly what she was looking for! I posted a photo on my personal Facebook as well as the Mooch page and got many compliments on how stunning they looked and how it added that extra oomph to the visual appeal. From then on, it became the signature rose swirl for Mooch’s chocolate and red velvet cupcakes!

Red Velvet Rose A Dozen Edible Roses Practice Rose

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