Baking Steps: Mooch’s First Official Order

I was in the middle of drawing out my current logo when I got a call from my Uncle Bera. He had a favour to ask of me! He explained that there was an upcoming Nexeo business meeting and he wanted to treat his staff to something sweet…how about some cupcakes, he suggested. I could hardly contain my excitement as Mooch received its first order! He had only one request, that there was a lactose-free option for him and my cousin. I had to make 40 cupcakes (my largest order) and could make them whatever flavour I liked. I guess for my first order it was really GO BIG or GO HOME. These cupcakes would be tasted by people who have travelled from various parts of Canada as well as the offices in the USA! Now the pressure was on to get my logo set up, business cards ordered and a Facebook page up!

I sat down with partner in crime to figure out what Mooch would look like. Jason had some very creative days in high school where he painted big, beautiful canvases and I figured I could use an artistic eye to design my logo! His suggested that I make it my own rather than just draw one up for me. I have always signed my name with a big looping “M” and he thought that would be the perfect way to incorporate myself into my logo. We went back and forth to the drawing board until we finally came up with the logo we have today. Image

So now I had a logo, business cards on the way and a Facebook page in the works! All I had to do was tackle this tall order of cupcakes. I decided on four different recipes: red velvet, chocolate, lemon and vanilla. Both the lemon and vanilla were lactose-free using soy milk as a substitution. I spent a whole day in the kitchen baking up a storm and then flavouring the different kinds of frosting to top them. I finished them faster than I had originally planned and was so proud of them! I couldn’t believe that I had completed 40 cupcakes for my first order.


The Lemon Cupcakes were a light, lactose-free lemon cake with fresh lemon juice in both the batter and frosting. To top it off, I made candied lemon peels and placed them in a cross.

The Chocolate Cupcakes are Mooch’s best ordered flavour and are made with Dutch dark cocoa powder. On top, dark chocolate shavings were sprinkled on the chocolate frosting.

For the Vanilla Cupcakes, they used soy milk as well to make them lactose-free. I’m not a fan of plain vanilla cupcakes so I gave it a twist…homemade caramel crushed into vanilla frosting and a caramel square on top!

Red Velvet Cupcakes are always a recipe I look forward to making because of the hint of chocolate and the red food colouring. I whipped up a batch and filled the centres with cream cheese frosting. I love the contrast between the red cake and the white frosting…it would be the perfect cupcake to celebrate Canada Day in July!

Mooch was all set with its first order completed!

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