Baking Steps: My Non-Layered Cake

This cake gave me the courage to try my hand at cake making once more.  Even though my birthday cake was a success, I was hesitant to try again after my previous failed attempts… maybe we should call them “learning experiences” instead. This red velvet cake actually wasn’t planned! I had an order for a dozen red velvet cupcakes to fill for Mooch and had some batter left over but no cupcake liners. I grabbed a 9″ pan, buttered and dusted flour in it and gave my leftover batter a pour! One of my big fears about using cake pans with no parchment to line it is that the cake will never come out in one (or even two) pieces. I crossed my fingers once again and like magic, the cake popped out perfectly.  So now I had a single layer of cake with no place for it to go.

I had some extra frosting from the cupcake order and decided that I’d make this an actual cake! I didn’t have very high expectations for this cake since it was really just a bonus from the order. I treated this single round of cake as my tester, a place where I could try my hand at getting icing on the cake in a smooth layer. I put it on a red plastic plate rather than use a cake board and had some fun with different tips. My mom ended up taking the cake to her office the next day and to my surprise, people were curious as to how much I’d charge for a cake! I couldn’t believe that someone would pay for a cake that I literally slapped together with no planning whatsoever. Once I had heard that I had the interest of someone, I decided to to layered cakes once again.

Even though this cake wasn’t a layered cake, this little single round of red velvet gave me a kick in the rear to try layered cakes and get them on Mooch’s menu in the near future.

Red Velvet No LayerRed Velvet No Layer Side View

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