Baking Steps: The Walk of Fame Cake That Stood Still

After I made Jake’s Birthday Cake, the doors for cake making swung wide open! I surprised myself when I completed his cake and apparently I surprised other people as well! That evening I got an order from Sarah. She wanted a 70th birthday cake for her Mom, Pat. Pat’s birthday was a month away and she wanted to give her a cake that was special. I wanted to make a cake that truly was for her and when Pat saw it, she’d know. Sarah told me about her mom and from there we began to create “Pat’s Walk of Fame” cake…

Sarah’s brother is involved with movie script writing and her mom likes to stay up to date on the celebrity gossip; Hollywood is something dear to her. For a milestone birthday, she deserved nothing less than to have her name on a star! Coincidentally, Pat’s favourite colour is red- just like the iconic red carpet. The colours we decided on were ones we considered “glamorous”: red and gold.

I worked on a few drafts of the cake but for the most part the central idea was the same. I wanted to have a gold star made of white chocolate with Pat’s name in the centre and raised slightly off the cake. The top of the cake would represent the red carpet while the sides of the cake would be roped off, only stars were allowed here. To tie in with the gold theme, the background of the base would be spray painted gold with edible food colouring. Pearl coloured non-pareils would top the black rope stanchions. Just like the bright lights that shine at the front of a stage, sparklers would glisten in front of the star. This cake truly is for the stars in our lives!

Walk of Fame DraftI was counting down the days until I could FINALLY make the cake until I got a very unfortunate email from Sarah… Long story short the order had to be cancelled.

Megan, I am so sorry to have to do this as I was so excited to give my mom such a special cake for her milestone birthday. I KNOW that I will be using you for future celebrations. Please know how much I appreciate your enthusiasm towards this special occasion for my family.- Sarah

I took this as a learning opportunity and decided to add a deposit to any Something Extra (custom cake) order to make up for the time and effort that goes behind creating the perfect cake to fit the occasion. The deposit is $30 (half the price of the cake) which is paid before the drafts are drawn up, when the cake is ready to be picked up or delivered the remaining $30 is paid! Not only did I learn this “business tactic” but now I have a design all drawn and ready!
Anyone looking for a Walk of Fame cake?