Hello, Race Fans! Welcome to the Indianapolis 500!

Indy500 2014 Cake

It’s the biggest spectacle in racing at the largest sporting venue in the world, the annual Indianapolis 500 is finally here! May is a big month for Indiana, kicking it off with the Inaugural Indianapolis Grand Prix and following with a week of qualifying for the big day, and then the INDY500.

My coworkers have always been able to see my baking on Mooch’s Facebook page or on Instagram but have yet to taste it. So to make this week even better, I decided to make an Indy500 cake! It started about a month ago with ideas and planning until I finally decided on a design: the Indy500 logo in the centre of a big sheet cake with the track around it- including the famous yard of bricks, and to pull it all together, some grass in the centre for the infield of the track!


To make the logo, I tried a new technique that I had seen before: buttercream transfers. I started by drawing out the image backwards so that it would be the right way once it is placed on the cake. I outlined the logo and filled it in, stuck it in the freezer and prayed to the Baking Gods that it would turn out when it came time to put it all together. With my fingers crossed and my mind thinking of a back up plan, I slowly placed the transfer onto the cake and said a quick prayer before carefully peeling the wax paper off. With my breath held, I breathed a sigh of relief as the logo came out perfectly!

The cake was met with “Oo’s” and “Ah’s” as it took centre stage!

Yard of (Chocolate) Bricks
The bricks that every driver dreams to kiss.