Mooch Gives Back

Mom and Mooch

Earlier this month, a friend of mine named Maia came to me in hopes that I would support an organization that is near to my heart. Last April, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. With many obstacles overcome in the months following, I am relieved to say that she is cancer-free! Maia mentioned that for years she has been growing out her hair so that one day, she could cut it and make a wig for those who have lost their hair due to chemotherapy. When I first heard, I was struck by her generosity and courage to give up a part of her to better someone else. She is donated 22″ of her hair this week at the UBC Cuts For Cancer event and her beautiful red locks will make a little girl very happy. We decided that this would be the perfect start for Mooch to give back. I urged all the Moocher’s out there to support her because it also supports people touched by cancer, whether they are in the midst of their battle or a surviver like my Mom.

6" Chocolate Cake

Maia organized and held a silent auction at UBC’s Abdul Ladha to raise money for the Canadian Cancer Society.¬†We decided to donate Mooch’s Signature Chocolate Cake as well as a gift certificate for our Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake! After the first half hour of bidding, Mooch’s Signature Chocolate Cake had 5 bids beginning at $14. By the end of the auction, the cake went for $40 and in the words of Maia, “the certificate went from $15 to $80 in one go (from my friend Erik’s mum who said to give $80 for whatever was bestest.” I’m so pleased to hear that our Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake was considered “the best” out of all the amazing items at the auction! Maia raised over $1,800 in one night for the BC Cancer Society- congratulations Maia!

UBC Cuts For Cancer Gift Certificate

6" Chocolate Cake6" Chocolate Cake TopI am proud to say that this is just the start of more fundraising opportunities that we’ll take part it, please feel free to send us an email for future events. As well, Mooch will have gift certificates for purchase later this month!