Mooch is in the (front of) House!

Ready to (literally) take the cake!
Hi, I’m Megan the baker and owner of Mooch! Thank you for checking out my company! I have some exciting news for all of you Moocher’s out there. In the past couple weeks I was hired at Terra Breads, a Vancouver based bakery which specializes in bread and pastries. I’m not in the kitchen baking up the goodies, I’ll save that for Mooch! Instead, I’m working at the front serving and interacting with customers. During my orientation sessions, I made a Mooch favourite- Chocolate Cupcakes topped with my Boozy Bailey’s Frosting to show the staff my gratitude for the opportunity. The founder of the company, Michael Lansky tried my cupcake and I felt my heart drop.. I was so worried to let someone who started up this amazing, local produce-first, artisan bakery back in my birth year! I was down in the cafe when he came and called my name. First off, I was surprised he even knew my name! And the words that followed were music to my ears,

“Megan, that cupcake was amazing. I’m very impressed, well done!”- Michael Lansky

A different look for a Mooch cake
As much as I love being in the kitchen baking, it is equally important for me to see the customers and make them happy at the front of the house! When I moved to my “home” location they heard I had made some treats for the headquarters and felt a little left out… I decided to bake them the cake version of what I made the headquarters! I didn’t have my usual pastry tip to make my signature roses, so I took this opportunity to try a new design! I was a little hesitant because it was straying from something that I’m very comfortable doing but thankfully it was still pleasing to the eye- and mouth!
By the time I went on my break, half the cake was gone! And then when I was ready to leave work, there was nothing but a single lonely slice left! I was absolutely blown away that everyone had eaten some and had rave reviews. Some even took a slice home! It’s a good thing we work in a bakery because boxes turned out to be very handy for the doggy bags. All day during my shift I heard compliments from staff that I hadn’t had the chance to meet yet, note to self: This is a great way to make friends.
In fact, one of my coworkers who had the day off even came in solely for a slice.. and then another to take home! He sent me the sweetest (no pun intended) text message after which I’ll share with you Moochers. In my eyes every compliment, recommendation to a friend, positive feedback I receive goes to not only me but my supporters, you. Everything that has happened for Mooch (both the company and the face behind it) is a dream come true. Thank you all for your support!