Mooch Makes Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake

Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake Slice

A few weeks ago I got an order from my landlord asking for a cake. It thought to myself “No big deal, I’ve made four cakes since the beginning of October what’s one more?”. Well that one more was a tall order, a tall and layered order- triple chocolate mousse cake. There’s a bakery close by that makes one of the best triple chocolate mousse cakes I’ve ever had. As a chocolate lover, I’m not so in love with milk chocolate because I find it too sweet. So rather than make a cake with all three types of chocolate, I made mine with a dark chocolate cake base, dark chocolate mousse in the middle topped with white chocolate mousse on top! In case there wasn’t enough chocolate to satisfy you, cocoa powder is dusted as a garnish.

I’ve never been more worried about a cake order until this one. I did some research and found nothing but a mix of people saying it was relatively simple but time consuming, and others saying that it was a total flop when they took it out of the pan. My heart sank as I read each because “time consuming” wasn’t looking too good with my school and work schedule and “a total flop” is never what a baker wants to read for a recipe they’re about to try for the first time. I went out and bought my spring form pan (this is absolutely key) and once my exams had died down, began on my triple chocolate mousse journey.

It was a tight squeeze between my trial cake and the day I needed “the real deal” ready, in fact it was within 72 hours! I started off by using Mooch’s signature chocolate cake recipe and made a thin layer at the bottom of my greased spring form pan. Once that was ready and cooled, I made my dark chocolate mousse filling. It brought me back to my days in high school when we had to make a chocolate bouche de noel and fold whipped cream into chocolate. I carefully spooned the filling onto my cake base and realized that a small offset spatula would be very handy. I made a quick note to myself to run to the store the next day to pick one up! As I let that layer chill, I made my white chocolate mousse. It was a new experience to work with gelatine powder and watch something solidify so quickly! It reminded me of the movie Flubber, minus the green goo. While the white chocolate mousse was setting, it was just a waiting game. Would my cake come out of it’s pan? Would the layers stay layered when I cut into the cake? I had no idea what the future was for my little creation but my fingers were crossed as I let time take its toll.

I didn’t have the patience to wait the designated two hours and cut into it last night. I found that my cake was pretty decent for a first attempt. Which sounds great but not up to Mooch’s standards! I wanted to have my first cake flawless. It tasted amazing but visually I wanted a cleaner cut. So I stuck it back in the fridge and went to bed. In the morning, I cut a slice for my room mate before taking it to work and my goodness, what a difference the setting time makes! The slice was perfect, the layers didn’t run into each other when I slid the knife through and the cake turned out gorgeously! The only changes I would make for tomorrow’s baking is to have slightly less of the cake base and a tad bit more of the dark chocolate mousse. By special request, tomorrow’s cake will also feature some chocolate covered strawberries on top! Here are some photos of the trial cake, the photos of the “real deal” will be up soon!

Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake

Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake

Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake SliceHere’s the big question: Will Triple Chocolate Mousse cake be on Mooch’s menu? Starting December 1st, Mooch will be updating the menu and I am absolutely delighted to say a big YES! You’ll be able to order an 8″ cake of your own for $40.