Moocher’s Appreciation Month: Bera

Mooch's First Official Order

I was sitting in the car waiting at AirCare for the prognosis when my phone rang…It doesn’t sound like a very exciting start but it was the moment Mooch was officially a plan in motion! My Uncle Bera called asking for some cupcakes to take to his office, no big deal right? Wrong. So very wrong. This was no ordinary order, it was for 40 cupcakes! I had never made that many before so to say I was anxious is an understatement. He gave me free reigns on which flavours and the only specification was to have something lactose-free. I thought about which flavours I could tweak to meet that requirement and thankfully, found it. I decided to make four different types of cupcakes to give him as much variety as possible. We had red velvet with cream cheese frosting, chocolate, lactose-free vanilla caramel and lactose-free lemon! I later found out that my little Moochable treats would be eaten by not just his employees in the Vancouver office but from all over the continent! Thankfully, my Uncle Bera was confident enough in my baking skills to share them because if it were up to me, I’d be too shy! I baked them in my little kitchen on UBC campus in an oven that resembled an easy-bake more than a regular sized one- it only fit one tray at a time! And with forty cupcakes, I knew I had a long day ahead of me. I finished it in a day and it gave me such a rush and sense of accomplishment. I knew once I frosted my last cupcake that this was truly a passion of mine and that launching Mooch at the age of 19 was a decision I wouldn’t regret. Looking back at the cupcakes today, it shows me how much I have grown since then and I hope to continue to grow with every order!

Chocolate Cupcakes