Moocher’s Appreciation Month: Elizabeth

Red Velvet Rose Cupcake

Mooch’s signature rose frosting which adorns our cupcakes and can be frosted onto our cakes began with an order from Elizabeth. It was during Mooch’s cupcake boom at the start of 2013… Elizabeth was in a class at UBC with me when she stumbled across my little Facebook Page. It was her friend’s birthday and she was looking for two dozen red velvet cupcakes. I was so excited to do this order, it seemed like the perfect way to kick off the year! She sent me a photo of a rose frosted onto a cupcake and requested that hers be decorated in the same way. I was nervous yet excited for the challenge! Before this order, I had only frosted in a swirl so to make a rose was a big jump into the decorating world! Coincidentally, another UBCer found my page and ordered a dozen Chocolate Treat-in-a-Sweet Peppermint Patty Cupcakes a few days before which gave me the opportunity to practice my new-found frosting technique. Once I felt that it was (semi) mastered, I decided to frost all Mooch’s cupcakes the same way! It gives an extra elegant touch to a sweet gesture. I’ve never met a gal who doesn’t like roses, and what better to have than roses that you can eat!

Thank you, Elizabeth N for introducing me to a new way to decorate. I hope when you see photos of Mooch’s cupcakes and cakes with the rose frosting that it makes you smile, because you are a part of how I got where I am today!

A Dozen Edible Roses

My first practice rose

Purple Rose

Red Velvet Rose Cake