Mooch’s Test Kitchen: Choco Coco Macaroon Verdict

The Moochers have given short but sweet feedback on this rounds dessert! Check out the photos and making of the Chocolate Coconut Macaroons here.


“The macaroons were really good. Half of it was enough to satisfy my sweet craving. My friends finished them all in one bite…flavour, texture and colour are great.” -Daniel P

“They are delicious. I really love them! Not too sweet…very good.” -Ivy X

“Loved the macaroons. Two thumbs up from Janice and I!” -Will H

“I really liked the Chocolate Coconut Macaroons!” -Animesh K

“Megan, those chocolate coconut macaroons were delicious! Thank you.” -Annabelle J

And my personal favourite:

“Did you put cocaine in these babies? They’re bonkers!” -Isabel L

Thank you to all the taste testers! Stay tuned for more desserts and feedback from Mooch’s Test Kitchen!