Mooch’s Test Kitchen: Gluten-Free Cupcakes Verdict

Overall, the gluten-free adventure was a success! A larger number of people sampled them which means more feedback. Even though not all of it was gold star worthy, the feedback actually helped develop two recipes out of this one test! The gluten-free cupcakes that I made originally, turned out more like a brownie; many people found this to be a good definition for the end product.

I would keep this recipe as a Gluten-Free Brownie and rather than bake them in cupcake liners, use a brownie pan that I have which cuts and divides them into equal squares. As well, I would have the option of frosting just like how Cinnabon gives the option on their cinnamon buns! For a Gluten-Free Cupcake, I would use my “go-to” chocolate cake recipe and substitute the gluten ingredients. This fixes the feedback about the “texture of the gluten free being too dry”.

Here are some thoughts from various Moochers:

“I like it because it’s not too sweet, it’s perfect.” -Calvin M

” I LOVED your cupnie (cupcake brownie). The icing was ridonculous, would have loved a tub of just that! Another person really liked it, they love brownies and your version. I know another person really liked it too cuz [sic] they ate two!” -Anne S

They were good although the only comment I wold have is that I felt the frosting overpowered the taste of the cake…I would have liked a bit more chocolate flavour on the cake, more like the brownie type. Other than that they were delicious” -Daniel P

I liked the texture! The thickness really brought out the chocolate flavour. Knowing it’s gluten free to made it so much better because I was eating something delicious and healthy. Like I said, those cupcakes were the highlight of my cloudy afternoon.” -Annabelle J

I’d just like to say that I really didn’t find my cupcakes dry. While it was kind of dense and brownie like, I found it to be very tasty. The icing was like eating a sweet cloud. It was so soft and light, and yet not too sweet! Overall, I loved them!” -Will G


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