Mooch’s Test Kitchen: Lemon Meringue Pie VERDICT

The Lemon Meringue pie was a hit! It was a great way to end Mooch’s Test Kitchen’s first round and kick off the next one!

In fact, this pie was so well liked that my boyfriend wanted to order one- and pay extra for additional love baked into it. I thought it was such a funny thing to say considering he’s someone that is by my side for any Mooch decision! His reward for helping me is usually baked goods so it was strange to have him want to buy a pie. I told him I couldn’t do it…like the cliche says, money doesn’t buy love.

This pie is June’s Feature of the Month since it reminds me of summer. It’s like taking a bite of summer; the lemon curd is the sun peeking out of the fluffy white meringue clouds.

“Megan, it was amazing! This one is my favourite. Loved it. I want more!”

-Animesh K

“I loved the crust, it was super delicious. The lemon part was very good. It wasn’t too sour and it did not over power the rest of desert. Overall, it was fantastic!”

-Will G

This pie was extremely good. I was a bit worried that it would be too sweet but what I found was a perfect mix of flavours. The pie didn’t last long enough!

-Daniel P

“I enjoyed your pie very much so that I had to share it with my mom and dad; they both found it delicious! It was flavourful and the texture was soft enough to just melt in my mouth. Megan’s lemon meringue pie = the best pie!”

-Annie J