Pie For Sunny Skies

Over the weekend, Mooch went on a pie making expedition! With all the rainy Vancouver weather, something bright and tropical was well needed; since we can’t just hop on a plane to Hawaii (I wish), the taste of the tropics would have to come to us.

Coconut Meringue Pie

We made two different pies, one was a brand new recipe and in addition, a tried and true no-brainer.

Mooch had some warm inspirations from being in Southern California the past weekend so with a tan on her skin and the scent of coconut oil on her mind, a Coconut Meringue Pie was born!

Since this recipe was brand spankin’ new, I was a little worried that the filling wouldn’t set. I had a little help from two Cutie Pies as they “supervised” me in the kitchen yet my worry became a reality as we went to cut ourselves a slice. The crust was made up of graham crackers and toasted coconut, while the filling contained creamy coconut milk and unsweetened coconut flakes. The meringue on top was perfectly browned with flecks of toasted coconut as a reminder of the coconutty goodness inside. We let the pie rest for several hours but we couldn’t hold out any longer- we needed a slice, stat! Armed with a knife, forks and plates, I made the first cut… and immediately knew that we needed a ladle, spoons and bowls. After lots of giggles and laughs, we decided to try this new concoction and boy, was it tasty! Both of the Cutie Pie’s agreed that “all the flavours are there”, it was just missing one thing… being a solid state! To fix this recipe, we would simply cook the custard for longer until it was a thicker consistency. We later discovered that I had in fact made a French dessert called “Floating Islands“, which consists of meringue on top of a (traditionally vanilla) custard. Even though the recipe didn’t turn out how we had expected it to, it opened our eyes to a whole new type of dessert- one with French flair!

Three Little Cutie Pies (and pie!)

Floating Island

The second pie of the weekend was Mooch’s Lemon Meringue. Since this recipe has been made before, it has been perfected and made to be fool-proof! Want to know what other Moocher’s thought of this pie on it’s first trial run? Click here!

Lemon Meringue Pie Before Lemon Meringue Pie After
















A tangy, lemon pie piled high with fluffy toasted meringue.
A tangy, lemon pie piled high with fluffy toasted meringue.