How do I place an order?

For one of Mooch’s Mini Cakes (6″ or Tasting Boxes), an order request can be submitted and Megan will let you know our availability within 24 hours. For custom orders (weddings/tiered cakes) please request a quote and Megan will send you an email to work out the details.

How can I pay?

Etransfers to megan@moochbymegan.com and credit cards via Square for online payments. Cakes will only be commissioned once we have received payments in full.

Can I place an order for today?

Unfortunately not. Megan makes all of our goodies with love, which means she mixes them by hand and only in small batches. That’s why advance notice is needed to prepare. 

How early do I need to place my order?

Megan can make a cake from our Mini Cake Series with just a few days’ notice! However dates book up quickly, so please order in advance to ensure availability.

For a customized cake (including wedding cakes), it is best to secure your date 6-9 months in advance during the summer peak season and 2-4 months in the winter/spring low season.

I’m planning an event for next year. Is it too early to book my cake now?

It’s never too early. Mooch books up quite quickly and far in advance! If your event is on a Friday, Saturday, a long weekend, or in a popular month (March-September), it is suggested you save your date with a deposit as soon as possible. A $75 non-refundable deposit secures your date and ensures our availability. Megan can work out the details with you (such as the design and size of the cake) later.


Do you make cakes for special events? 

Yes! Often each cake is designed from scratch as Megan works with our clients to create their cake vision. Bookings are limited to ensure that each bespoke cake will receive the time and attention it deserves. Note: a $75 non-refundable deposit is required to secure your date.

While Mooch prioritizes weddings and tiered special occasion cakes, when our schedule permits a 6″ Mini Cake can be made.

How much can I expect to spend on my custom cake?

Pricing depends on the intricacy of the design and the flavour. As a rough guideline, a simple cake can be as budget-friendly as $8/guest. Tiered cakes start at around $200 for a Mini Two Tier (4” & 6″) for 18 servings. Delivery is highly suggested for all tiered cakes because Mooch wants your cake to make it to the destination unscathed as much as you!

What size cake do I need for my event?

It all depends on how much cake you’d like to serve. At Mooch, a serving is 1″ by 2″ by 4″ tall (Wilton’s standard for weddings). Servings of this size often work best for a multi-course meal and provide some flexibility in numbers if not everyone has a sweet tooth. Since the servings are small, it is advisable to choose a cake that is close to your guest count, as some venues will cut larger slices. Sheet cakes and cupcakes can be added to your order to make up the difference in servings. See this handy guide to help you figure out the right size! 

I have my own cake topper. Can you add it to the cake? 

Absolutely! Please let Megan know and she can coordinate the design to accommodate the cake topper. Have the cake topper ready at the venue and it will be placed on your cake for you.

I want the florals on my cake to match my bouquet. Will you work with my florist?

If you are choosing a design with fresh florals and have specific flowers in mind, please coordinate with your florist to order extra florals for your cake as they will be ordering flowers in specially for your event. Otherwise Megan will select florals in your colour palette that fit with the cake and are the best available depending on the season.

Will an all buttercream cake hold its shape for the duration of my event? 

YES! Mooch uses an Italian meringue buttercream for our fillings and decorations, which is the most stable type of buttercream. Ask Megan to talk baking science to you; she’ll be happy to share! 

Mooch has set up cakes on some of the hottest Vancouver days, both indoors and outdoor, and the cakes have sat out for the whole reception without any issues. Whenever possible, try to avoid leaving the beautiful creations in direct sunlight. 

When when will you deliver the cake?

Please provide Mooch with a day-of-timeline if you have one. This will help plan the best delivery time. There are many things to consider (think traffic, construction detours, and ambient temperatures), which all play a part in the delivery process. Generally, the aim is to deliver your cake before guests arrive. This way your guests can be wow-ed when they enter your fabulous fete!

Please inform Megan of the following: Where would you like the cake placed? Who is our point of contact at the venue? What is the earliest we can access the venue?

Okay, I’m ready to book Mooch for my special day! How do I begin?

Hurray! The next step is to reach out to ensure your date is still available. Contact Mooch and Megan will be right with you to talk cake!


How does the design process work?

The standard height for each tier is 4” tall; three layers of delicious cake with two layers of filling in-between. Depending on what flavour cake and filling you choose, the buttercream colour may be different (raspberry buttercream is a soft pink, for instance). If you prefer a white finish on your cake, though, just let Megan know! Also keep in mind that if you choose a “semi-naked” design, the coloured buttercream used between the cake layers will be visible.  

How long will my cupcakes and cakes last at home?

Well, if you have a sweet tooth, not very long! For best results, place them in the fridge and take them out an hour or two before serving. They’ll stay fresh for up to 5 days since Megan bakes all goodies right before you pick them up.

Do you have photos of your favourite cakes?

Absolutely! People can’t get enough of these stunning creations. Here is a gallery of crowd favourites. Stay up to date on all of Mooch’s latest cakes on Instagram!


How do the cake pickups work for your Mini Cake Series?

Cake pickups are as contact-free as possible by using time slots. Send Megan a text when you’re about 5-10 minutes away all you need to do is pull up our front and she’ll pop it in your car! If you’re running late, please let her know so she can make arrangements. Cakes are chilled to help you with transportation and will come to room temperature on location. Our cakes are at their best when the buttercream is at room temperature and cuts like soft butter (YUM!).

Please be careful when transporting your cake! Mooch is not responsible for any mishaps on the road. 

Where are you located?

Currently, Mooch’s goods are all homemade. They are made in Vancouver, B.C. by Megan, who is FoodSafe Certified! Mooch has access to a commissary, but whenever possible, prefer to create our items in our kitchen as the commissary can be very crowded.

Do you offer delivery for the Mini Cake Series?

Yes! If you want your cake to arrive unscathed, consider opting for delivery. Mooch is happy to provide delivery through our own privately contracted delivery drivers who specializes in delivering delicate items across the Lower Mainland.


Do you have any Gluten-Free options?

Yes! Any of our cakes can be made with gluten-free flour. Megan can also create desserts specifically tailored to your event. There is always a small chance of cross-contamination (like in any kitchen), but do our best to keep these to a minimum. 

Can I adjust the amount of sugar in the cake or buttercream?

Sadly the amount of sugar cannot be decreased without sacrificing flavour and texture, as sugar plays many roles in baking other than just making things sweet. For this reason, Megan has tested and tweaked the recipes to be well balanced in flavour –from the cake to the filling.